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From the Editor... Sales of John Steven's new book, Dutch Vernacular Architecture in North America.1640-1830, have been going well and we were especially pleased to receive such complimentary endorsements. Abbott Lowell Cummings, author of The Framed houses of Mssachusetts Bay, 1625-1725. and most respected architectural historian of New England's early vernacular architecture, sent us the following and I will print it in full: 
Peter Sinclair, Editor, West Hurley, Ulster County, NY
     "Could anything be more difficult than painting an accurate picture of how one of the nation's largest and continually changing metropolitan regions appeared when the island of Manhattan was first settled by the Dutch? John Stevens has done it! In a brilliantly executed study, he shares with us the seemingly bottomless well of his specialized knowledge of the impact of the "Dutch" upon the Colonial eastern seaboard.
      We have waited a long time for this book, which spreads it all before us in largely forgotten historic images and numberless measured drawings, all woven into the fabric of the author's unrivalled knowledge of the subject. It is the greatest possible achievement of a lifetime, and of a whole generation."
        Abbott Lowell Cummings
        Author and former director of The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities

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